Camel Energy Shines at the Verde Tech Environmental Energy Exhibition in Greece, Receiving Guidance from the Chinese Ambassador to Greece



Camel Energy Shines at the Verde Tech Environmental Energy Exhibition in Greece, Receiving Guidance from the Chinese Ambassador to Greece


As spring returns and everything comes to life, Camel Energy, a subsidiary of Camel Group, has displayed its strength in 2024 after technological innovation and in-depth optimization throughout 2023. Following its brilliant performance at the Key Energy Exhibition in Italy from February 28th to March 1st, Camel Energy's series of products made their way to the Verde Tech Environmental Energy Exhibition in Greece from March 29th to 31st, joining global renewable energy enterprises and customers in exploring the latest trends, technological innovations, and market demands in this field.

As the most influential international green technology event in Greece, the exhibition focuses on environmental technology and serves as an important trade platform for global enterprises to expand their markets in Greece and Southern Europe. The exhibition attracted nearly 200 companies from around the world, including 38 outstanding Chinese companies. It is worth mentioning that on March 30th, Xiao Junzheng, the Chinese Ambassador to Greece, and his delegation visited the exhibition specifically, touring and visiting the exhibition stands of participating Chinese enterprises, engaging in friendly and in-depth exchanges with representatives of various enterprises.


At the Camel Energy exhibition stand, staff members enthusiastically introduced Camel Group's illustrious development history, diverse product line, and extensive market layout to Ambassador Xiao Junzheng and his delegation. When discussing  Camel Group's firm commitment to actively entering the international market and providing zero-carbon clean energy solutions for global households, Ambassador Xiao Junzheng expressed high praise and recognition.


Later, under the guidance of staff members, Ambassador Xiao Junzheng and his delegation listened to the professional explanations and demonstrations of Camel Energy's household energy storage, portable energy storage, automotive starting power, and low-voltage lithium-ion energy storage products. Among them, Camel Energy's household energy storage products, with lithium-ion energy storage system integration and application technology as the core, provide a green and safe intelligent and stable solution for household electricity consumption. They can effectively alleviate the instability of household power grids in European regions, make full use of local abundant solar energy resources, reduce households' dependence on traditional power grids, and increase the utilization rate of green energy.


During the exchange, Ambassador Xiao Junzheng fully recognized Camel Energy's product design concept, nodding in approval frequently. In addition, he introduced cooperation opportunities in the Greek green energy market to the participants and encouraged Chinese enterprises to participate more in Greece's national green transformation process, promoting deep cooperation between China and Greece in the field of renewable energy.


At the exhibition site, Camel Energy's products successfully attracted worldwide visitors with their superior performance, high intelligence, and unique design. Regular customers came in droves, expecting to further deepen cooperation with Camel Group and create a brighter future together. New customers felt like old friends at first sight, expressing their intention to introduce Camel Energy products into their markets and work together with Camel Group.


Faced with the visiting guests who came from afar, Camel Group's staff always received them with enthusiasm, patiently answering their questions, and providing professional energy storage advice and solutions. The entire exhibition area was filled with a strong atmosphere of cooperation.


In the future, Camel Group will continue to innovate technologically, develop more efficient energy storage products, and promote the sales and service of energy storage products in Europe and around the world through the construction of localized sales and service systems, working with overseas customers to empower green energy and become a leader in clean energy technology.



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