At GREEN POWER 2024 in Poland, the Camel Energy brand won the Acanthus Aureus award!



At GREEN POWER 2024 in Poland, the Camel Energy brand won the Acanthus Aureus award!

From April 23 to 25, 2024, the 2024 Poland International Renewable Energy Exhibition (Green Power) took place over three days at the Poznań International Fair Center in Poland. As a global gathering for renewable energy technology and products, this event attracted numerous internationally renowned companies. Camel Energy, a brand under the Camel Group, showcased its technical strength in the energy storage field by presenting multiple series of innovative products.

The booth design and product display of Camel Energy are uniquely crafted, ingeniously combining energy storage products with actual application scenarios. This not only highlights the functionality of the products but also complements the corporate culture of the Camel Group. The innovative design concept makes Camel Energy stand out among numerous exhibitors globally and win the prestigious “Acanthus Aureus” award. This honor is not only an affirmation of Camel Energy’s brand philosophy and corporate culture but also a recognition of its product’s status in the industry.


 At this exhibition, Camel Energy showcased a diverse range of products, including small commercial and residential energy storage, household energy storage, portable energy storage, low-voltage lithium-ion energy storage, and emergency start power sources, which can meet the wide-ranging needs from household users to individual consumers. The high-voltage and low-voltage residential energy storage products provide users with a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly energy storage solution for home electricity use. Among them, the three-phase integrated household energy storage product, which has been a hot seller in Europe, once again became a star product at the exhibition due to its excellent grid integration matching, efficient utilization of solar charging, and convenient remote energy control functions. Meanwhile, the portable energy storage, emergency start power sources, and low-voltage lithium-ion energy storage small products can adapt to various outdoor power scenarios, offering users high-safety performance, long cycle life, and stable and reliable power support, which are also highly favored by customers.



The rich variety and superior performance of Camel Energy's storage products attracted the attention and in-depth interest of customers from around the world. It is worth mentioning that our Polish agents and partners actively joined the Camel Energy team, explaining and demonstrating the products to new customers and sharing their experience in using the products. Energy technology expert Adam Sitka, who has profound knowledge and experience in the field of energy storage systems, even played the role of a consultant, providing assistance and professional advice to customers and partners on-site. This scene fully demonstrated the good reputation and wide influence of Camel Energy products in the global market. After visiting and learning about Camel Energy's products, many customers expressed their interest in further cooperation and hoped to join hands with the Camel Group to promote energy storage products throughout Europe.


As an important strategic pivot along the "Belt and Road" initiative, Poland plays a key role for China in accessing the European Union market. In the future, the Camel Group will continue to adhere to its global development strategy of "standing in China and connecting the world" ,deepening its layout in Poland and the European market, actively responding to market challenges, and injecting strong momentum into the high-quality development of the local energy industry.


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